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MOW #075 - Avengers, Employee Secrets, and MOWicans, OH MY!

Jambeaux! Harambe! And, welcome to another edition of the Magic Our Way Podcast! For today’s show, we are bringing the house. That’s right! Kevin is back once again in the hosting chair and he is joined by Danny, Lee, and Eli. For today’s show, we address listener questions in Guest Services and discuss topics of the day in the Queue, such as Star Wars Style, King Kong, and camels. It has to be obvious what our Marvel Moment will be…Avengers: Age of Ultron. Eli, Danny, and Kevin just came back from seeing the movie and are eager to give you their opinions. In the Hub, we discuss a list going around the internet which addresses the employee secrets Disney does not want you to know. You can find more information as well as all things Magic Our Way on our website: Enjoy the show!!!

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