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Magic Our Way #003b

Jambeaux, everyone!

This is the second half of Show #003. In case you are a new listener to our show or this is the first show that you listened to from us, please download and listen to the first half of this show, #003a. On this half, we feature our Hub and Magic Our Way segments in which we discuss Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm. We are joined by sci-fi fans and podcasters in their own right, Eli and Mike. Both are from the And Another Thing podcast which is available from our parent company, Q-Mark Productions. Eli is a comic book author and Mike is our "All-Around-Info-Guy."

As always, if you enjoy the show, leave us a review and rate us in iTunes and let your friends and family know about us. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook (@magicourway). If you have any suggestions for the show or would like to comment on something we said or have a question for us to address, please email us at Thanks for listening!!!

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