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Podcast Trip November 2015 - MOW Field Report #013

Jambeaux, everyone!!! We are continuing our series of podcasts on our same feed called the Magic Our Way Field Reports. To remind the listener, these shows will not be a regular segment due to the fact that these are podcasts we record straight on location at a Disney park or Disney event. You can call it our "on location" podcasts. We grab the portable studio and record anything from a mini trip report or attraction audio or interviews. 

On this particular show, The Magic Our Way Podcast takes a trip down to Walt Disney World to celebrate their 100th show, experience Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, and to experience the race atmosphere of the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

On this field report, Kevin reports on an incident which happened on a Epcot parking tram that we found was not handled in a manner consistent with Disney practices. Give it a listen!

As always, we promise to give the Disney fan a voice!

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