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Jambeaux, everyone!!! Welcome to another episode of Magic Our Way. We are back with a somewhat NEW format of the show. Well, we really did not add anything new; we just consolidated one segment into the other two. It is thoroughly explained in the show. So, for this week in the Queue, we discuss the Annette Funicello’s life, the sequel to the Finding Nemo movie entitled Finding Dory, and I give you heads up on some auditions happening in the coming weeks in case you want to be part of the magic. In the Hub segment, we discuss how not to feel underwhelmed at Disneyland. This topic is specifically aimed at Walt Disney World people who have yet to make their pilgrimage to our “Mecca”, Disneyland, and are thinking about going or planning to go there in the near future. Yeah, it’s smaller, so what!!! That’s one of the reasons Mr. Disney came out to Florida was to have a bigger canvas. But, there is still so much magic available to you in that resort.

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