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Jambeaux, everyone!!! Welcome to another episode of the Magic Our Way podcast. It is our first major holiday show!!! It’s is our 3.5 hour July 4th American Independence Day spectacular!!!!....not really. It is a long show, however...1 hour and 45 minutes long. Kevin had a lot of fun coming up with new jingles, background music, and sounds for this 4th of July special. What’s even better is that this is a regular format show...somewhat. LOL!!!

In this week’s Queue, the boys do not necessarily chat about the latest news. However, while waiting in line, they do decide do a salute to patriotic things at all of the Disney parks.... but mostly Walt Disney World and Disneyland. A lot of help came from the Military Disney Tips blog on the website. This website has a great series of blogs related to experiencing all things patriotic that happen in Walt Disney World. This is not just talking about the special events that happen on July 4th, but rather things of a patriotic nature that happen year-round. This is the stuff that makes the hairs on the back of an American’s head stand up whenever you visit them. Things mentioned include the Disney flag retreat, the Hall of Presidents, the American Adventure, and the Shades of Green resort.

And then, in the Hub, the boys discuss a 1990s Eisner creation that never saw the light of day: Disney’s America theme park. This resort was to be placed in Haymarket, Virginia not far from Washington, D.C. This theme park was to be dedicated to the history of the United States from the 1840s to 1945. They explore the layout of the park including all of the lands, the proposed attractions, where some of the ideas ended up, and instances that led to the downfall and demise of Eisner’s pet project. 

And lastly, we end the show not with our regular closing jingle, but with the popular song from the American Adventure pavilion, “Golden Dream.” This celebrates the spirit of America and serves as our salute to the nation’s birthday.

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Thanks again for listening to us. We do realize that you have many choices when it comes to Disney podcasts and we appreciate your attention. Also, we were talking about seatbelts. Plug them in. Use them. It can get kinda choppy out there, so keep your hands and arms inside the podcast at all times. Flash photography? I wouldn’t. It alters the podcast’s homing signal and that’s not good.

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