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Jambeaux, everyone!!! We are introducing a new series of podcasts on our same feed called the Magic Our Way Field Reports. These shows will not be a regular segment due to the fact that these are podcasts we record straight on location at a Disney park or Disney event. You can call it our "on location" podcasts. We grab the portable studio and record anything from a mini trip report or attraction audio or interviews. 

This series of field reports centers around Danny's trip he took with his family back in January 2013. This episode features Danny, Rob-O, and the little ones.

If you enjoy these trip reports, let us know by sending your comments and suggestions to You can follow us on Twitter (@magicourway) and like us on Facebook. You can also follow us on the video status site, Keek. We know you have a multitude of Disney podcasts to chose from and we appreciate you taking the time to give us a listen. 

Magic out!!!

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