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Jambeaux, everyone!!! Welcome to another episode of the Magic Our Way podcast. Since we decided to do an All-About-The-Queue Show last week, we thought we would follow it up with an All-About-The-Hub Show this week.

Yes, indeed! We are reviewing the ENTIRE Monsters University experience. Not only do we talk about the movie in and of itself, but we also talk about the stuff that happened before the movie even started. We will discuss the trailer for Disney Planes movie, which is set to open in August, the trailer for Despicable Me 2, and the Pixar short, The Blue Umbrella. One trailer that we forgot to mention on the show is the trailer for Turbo, which we will most likely discuss on next week’s show; there is nothing more amusing than a very fast snail. With the Monsters University movie, we discuss the link between Monsters Inc and this movie, the music and the art that was involved, and the overall message that we came away with. Let’s see if this is what you came away with too. We decided to use some different segment music throughout the show and this week’s closing song is no exception. So, make sure you listen through the end of the show. And if you are interested, the soundtrack for the movie is available in iTunes, actually wherever you buy your music whether it is through download or hardcopy. Also, you can catch the Blue Devils Drum Corps from Concord, CA at a DCI event near you. Check out for more information.

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Thanks again for listening to us. We do realize that you have many choices when it comes to Disney podcasts and we appreciate your attention. Those of you adventurers entering the world-famous Magic Our Way podcast, please notice there are two lines, one on the right and the other on the left. If you'd like to keep your family together, please stay in the same line. However, if there is someone in your family you'd like to get rid of, just put them in the opposite line and you'll never see them again.

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