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Paul Torrigino: Former Imagineer (Beastlie Kingdomme, Dinosaur, Maelstrom) - MOW #107

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On today’s show, we have Kevin, Danny, Lee: a travel agent with Magical Moments Vacations (a Platinum Earmarked Disney Travel Agency), and Eli of for this episode.


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Fellow MOWicans, ladies, and gentlemen. For the Hub, this week, we present to you former Disney Imagineer, Paul Torrigino: a man who owned his own online tiki bar sign business, Pariarts. If you were looking for that crowning touch to your tiki bar, this was the person to talk to. However, adding to the decor of your own tiki bar is not the reason why we have Paul Torrigino on our show today.


Twenty-one years is the time Paul Torrigino spent at Walt Disney Imagineering and over those 21 years, he worked as Production Artisan, Production Designer, Art Director, Concept Designer and Show Designer. He worked on most of the large Disney Imagineering projects, including one of Kevin’s personal favorites, Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


His versatility allowed him to stay with the company for all those years which, in turn, allowed him to work on a variety of projects in various capacities. Yes, he worked with animatronics, but in addition to all of this...well... allow me to throw out some familiar names:

  • Maelstrom
  • Disneyland Paris, or EuroDisney as it was referred to in the beginning
  • Beastlie Kingdomme (often misspelled “Beastly Kingdom”)
  • Tokyo Disney Sea

just to name a few.


Before all of this, however, Paul Torrigino was a Disney fan through his high school and college years much like myself and my cohorts as well as many of you listening. Except his path gave him the opportunity to fulfill many a Disney fan’s dream which is to become a Disney Imagineer.


Fellow MOWicans, ladies, and gentlemen, enough reading, I present to you former Disney Imagineer, Paul Torrigino. Listen to his stories and treasure what he has done for the Disney company.


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In the Queue, we discuss the two big features that have been rumored to come out for MyMagic+ in the very near future. One involves Fastpass+ which is slated to come online in April 2016 and the other involves something called StoryMaker (release date TBD).


There is no Guest Services for this episode. This segment will return at a later time .


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