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The Great Mickey Ride - MOW #128

Jambeaux, everyone!!! Harambe! The Great Mickey Ride! Welcome to another episode of the Magic Our Way podcast. We are a New Orleans based Disney fan podcast. We appreciate your listening to our show and we hope it brings a smile to your face. We also appreciate your feedback and are committed to listening to our audience.


On today’s show, we have Danny, Kevin, and Eli of Lee is away on assignment.


Please note: the Magic Our Way Podcast is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its entities. All opinions expressed therein are solely those of the Magic Our Way podcast. No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.


We start with Guest Services for this episode. This is the segment in which we address all of the questions sent in by our listeners via email, text, or voicemail. In Guest Services. we recognize the following listeners and topics.

  • Magic Our Way Fantasy Football League: MOWFFL
  • Stephen Downs
  • Susie Q and the Chief
  • Cheryl Marble
  • Beignets
    • Rick Suero
    • Leisa Mundy
    • Kirk Landry

and much, much more!

It is now time for the Queue! For this episode, we talk about a rumor go around recently on social media: The Great Movie Ride turning into the Great Mickey Ride.


We discuss first whether or not this is a good idea and the ramifications of this rumor becoming fact. Then, we exercise our creative muscles and talk about what we would like to see if this were to come to fruition. 


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-Danny, Kevin, Lee, & Eli

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