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For this special edition of the Magic Our Way podcast, Lee defends Buc-ee’s, that convenience store from Texas that is a land of wonderment.

If you are listening to this show, it is because of two reasons:

  1. You have not seen Coco yet and are avoiding listening to MOW #194 OR
  2. You have finished MOW #194 and are excited to have another offering for you to listen to this week.

This is a segment from MOW #192 that did not make the inital cut, but was so fun that we decided to keep it for future use.

What do you think of Buc-ee’s? Have you ever visited one? Any and all opinions are welcome on the Magic Our Way Podcast. Share them at

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For this episode, we discuss the latest offering to come out of Pixar, Coco. It was released in the United States of America during the 2017 Holiday season on November 21, 2017. The movie uses the Mexican holiday, El Día De Los Muertos as a backdrop for this story.

We discuss such things as where Coco would rank in our list of Pixar movies, would you like to see this replace the Three Caballeros in the Mexico pavilion in Epcot, and much, much more!

In addition to this, we briefly discuss the Frozen short, or LONG as it were, that precedes Coco, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. Notice that our sentence regarding the Frozen short is, in fact, short. 

What did you think about our discussion? Any comments? We would love to hear your opinions regarding anything we have talked about. Share them at Your opinions are always welcome on our show. Seriously, every opinion is welcome.

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