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This episode is our 200th show. There is no format for today’s show as it is a LIVE SHOW! We share a lot of memories and hear from a lot of listeners.

We are eternally grateful to all of the MOWicans, ladies, and gentlemen that listen to us week in and week out. We apologize that our tech skills weren’t savvy enough to make this a flawless live show, but we are thankful for those that stuck with us through those flaws.

We are thankful to you who weren’t able to make it for the live recording of our 200th show and we promise to do more live shows going forward so that you will have a chance to participate.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Raise your glasses and here’s to 200 more!

What are some of YOUR favorite moments from our past 200 shows? Any comments? We would love to hear your opinions regarding anything we have talked about. Share them at Your opinions are always welcome on our show. Seriously, every opinion is welcome.


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