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Jambeaux. everyone!

Welcome to the 4th episode of Magic Our Way. This was supposed to be our Christmas show to be released on December 23, 2012. But, due to the flu, things got delayed. We still wanted to release this episode anyway because we found it to be one of our better shows. 

This week Kevin and Danny are joined by fellow QMark Productions podcasters, Eli and Mike from the And Another Thing Podcast...both of whom are Disney fans in their own right. For the Hub, we discuss rides that we never got a chance to visit because we were not inerested in them or we just never think to get around to it upon our visits. Also, we discuss the "one-and-done" attractions. These are those attractions that we have gone on once without feeling the need to repeat that experience again. For the Magic Our Way segment, we feature a piece of music arranged by New Orleanian, Kevin Caparotta. His arrangement of Jingle Bells can be heard performed by the Orlando-based vocal quartet, Return 2 Zero. Known by their Disney name, Four for a Dollar, Return 2 Zero used to be part of the preshow at the Beauty and the Beast Stage Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios, could have been be found in the Streets of America during the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, and were performers at Sea World Orlando. 

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Jambeaux, everyone!!! Welcome to Show#003. This show ended up being longer than we expected, so we split it up in to two shows, Show#003a which is out now and Show#003b which will be released on December 16, 2012. So, make sure you stay subscribed to hear the second half of this show. On this half of Show#003, you will hear our unique intros based around the topic of our Hub and Magic Our Way segments and you will hear us talk about the following topics: Mary Poppins Broadway Across America Tour, Haunted Mansion movie, Netflix, Splitsville, New Fantasyland, Test Track 2.0, and Flying Dragons (a follow up to what we discussed in Show#001).

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Welcome to the second episode of Magic Our Way. On this show, Kevin and Danny discuss the Big Thunder Mountain interactive queue, Disney auditions and careers, some of our favorite places to chill in Walt Disney World, and Starbucks. The sound quality has been worked on for this let us know what you think. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate us and leave a comment on iTunes, tweet out or post a Facebook status indicating that you are listening to our show, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@magicourway), and tell all of your friends and family  about us. Also, if you have any suggestions for our show, please don't hesitate to contact us at Enjoy the show!!!

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This is our pilot episode recorded back in July 2012. We have current shows ready to go. But, this show is to give you an idea of our format and style of show. We are fans first and we are fans of the current Disney podcasts out there as well. Please leave us some feedback and help us to keep moving forward. We are always looking for ways to improve our show. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook and email us at if you have any suggestions to help us improve the show. Thanks and have a magical day!!!

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